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Climate Change and C02: Fake Sustainability Versus Real Sustainability

by Mark Keenan | Global Research

The modern green movement is far removed from the original principles of environmentalism.

Fake sustainability is the political agenda designed and pushed by the United Nations, implemented by subservient governments, and which serves the aims of the private banking and mega-corporate super-entity. Central to this agenda is the climate change deception and other false UN narratives, as described in the book Transcending the Climate Change Deception Toward Real Sustainability.

Under ‘FAKE sustainability’ we may consider points including:

  • Manmade climate change is a convenient lie it is not caused by CO2 or by methane from livestock, such as cows. Temperatures were higher in the 1930s than today, but the UN ignores that data. A UN IPPC committee chairman actually resigned in protest at UN IPPC lies and false information. Most of the scientists that say climate change is a problem are on perpetual government grants. The UN IPCC cherry picks data, uses flawed modelling and scenarios not remotely related to the real world
  • Geo-engineering under the guise of combatting climate change, and the technology they use to pollute the skies

Central bankers are entirely funding the advancement of the worldwide climate change ‘project’. Central bankers hijacked the real environmental movement in 1992 creating the fake climate change agenda. Amongst other financial ulteriors, the Rockefeller banking dynasty promoted the climate alarmism agenda. The Chicago Climate Exchange is a trillion-dollar money-generating hoax.

  • Renewable energy is not a viable solution to the world’s energy problems. This is evidenced by the work of David MacKay, (1967 – 2016) former Regius Professor of Engineering at Cambridge University and former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, in his book Sustainable Energy without Hot Air, see Endnote . His analysis shows that an area twice the size of the entire country of Wales would need to be completely covered with wind turbines to meet the energy demand in the U.K., based on average energy consumption per person. The following is an extract from his book:

“First, for any renewable facility to make an appreciable contribution – a contribution at all comparable to our current consumption – it has to be country-sized. To provide one quarter of our current energy consumption by growing energy crops, for example, would require 75% of Britain to be covered with biomass plantations… Someone who wants to live on renewable energy, but expects the infrastructure associated with that renewable not to be large or intrusive, is deluding himself… we are forced to conclude that current consumption will never be met by British renewables… The windmills that would be required to provide the UK with 20 kWh/d per person amount to 50 times the entire wind hardware of Denmark; 7 times all the wind farms of Germany; and double the entire fleet of all wind turbines in the world… The solar power capacity required to deliver this 50 kWh per day per person in the UK is more than 100 times all the photovoltaics in the whole world…”

  • The nonsense of electric cars – see this article Driving an Electric Car Is Fake Environmentalism – Elon Musk Debunked
  • The nonsense of plastic bottles and plastic packaging that leach health-harming microplastics into food for human consumption 
  • The failure of the industrial agriculture ‘green revolution’ which degrades soil quality and fertility via use of vast quantities of chemical-based herbicides and pesticides.
  • Desertification – the UN incorrectly states that animal livestock is a cause, but it is actually a solution
  • Real environmentalism was hijacked by the deceptive UN sustainable development goals – see the article Decoding the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Indoctrinating Your Children Into the New “Fake Sustainable” World Order
  • 30 years of UN-defined sustainable development has not solved the real environmental and human wellbeing problems. UN Agenda 21/2030 and the deceptive World Economic Forum reset agenda are agendas of control, and are the opposite of real sustainability. UN Agenda 2030 smart cities are smart for the so-called ‘new world order’ controllers, but are not smart for you. UN sustainable development is a problem wrapped up as a solution
  • The trick of world heritage sites and ‘rewilding’ involves moving independent farmers and local peoples off the land and into smart cities where they cannot grow much food.
  • Mega-corporate globalisation is a destructive paradigm. It is a design for mega-corporate rule of the world’s resources, and the world food supply. Insane development policies cannot produce a sane society. The tragedy of the commons and the privatization of everything should be noted – see also this article The World Bank and the IMF are organisations that have devastated the developing world by chaining so-called developing countries (and even so-called first world countries) to unpayable debt.
  • The word ‘sustainable’ was hijacked by financial/political forces decades ago. The deceptive Brundtland definition of Sustainable Development influences political sustainable development strategies. The false dawn / failure / flaws of decoupling, resource substitution and eco-efficiency strategies should be noted. 
  • International policies for ‘sustainable development’ incorrectly endorse polluting forms of GDP growth; and incorrectly endorses usury and the current debt-money-based financial orthodoxy. UN policies will never rock the orthodoxy, in fact the central direction of UN policies is aligned with, and designed by, the orthodoxy. 
  • Green economy/green growth strategy is destructive globalisation painted green. The UN incorrectly promotes ‘polluting forms of GDP growth’, thus causing environmental impact. Beyond a certain point, GDP growth does not increase human wellbeing, it impoverishes it. Contemporary economics is a flawed ideology it is not a scientific discipline. There are systemic problems in the current economic system of globalisation – see also the book Demonic Economics
  • Who does the really UN serve? The shocking truth about communism, capitalism and WW2 – see also the book Censored History
  • All governments pushing the fake sustainability agenda are registered corporations in perpetual debt to privately-owned mega-banks and are designed to tax and control you – see also the book Demonic Economics 

Under ‘REAL sustainability’ we may consider points including:

  • What about the real sustainability challenge? The Earth we all depend on – what about real pollution to land, air and water?
  • It is incorrect to blaming population growth for sustainability problems rather than addressing the root causes in the financial and corporate system.
  • The way forward to a ‘real’ sustainable and a resilient thriving worldwide human society involves reality distinguished from illusion. In the current system the economic world is ruled by the ulteriors of debt-money creation and their tentacles of mega-corporate control. It involves bypassing the WEF/UN technocratic world reset of unelected one world totalitarian government. It involves bypassing fake science in which ‘science’ has been co-opted and adjusted to act as a stick with which to beat you into compliance – see also the book Godless Fake Science 
  • The scientific precautionary principle to protect human life and nature has been largely ignored in this system of corporate globalisation. This principle should be utilised to prevent unknowable potentially unwanted long-term effects of technologies that have not been tested over an extended time span, such as new GMOs, new manmade chemical compounds, and nanotechnologies. 
  • Modern era attempts to scientifically define ‘real’ sustainability involve balancing material flows with nature’s capacity via sustainable design. These attempts include: Cradle to Cradle design, sustainable design, and efficiency. However, these strategies by themselves will never offset the damage of the polluting system of corporate globalisation. The root drivers of globalisation: the debt-money system that leaves all governments in vast unpayable debt; usury that demands GDP at all costs from governments; and increasing corporate control of the world resources need to be addressed. 
  • A sustainable retreat from a flawed system of globalisation involves creating resilient local systems and discarding false narratives, such as the manmade climate alarmism. Currently, we live in a system dependent on oil, gas and coal (note that the gimmick of electric cars are dependent on electricity created mostly from oil and coal). There is a risk of societal collapse if the energy returned on energy invested for these fuels becomes too low, and if the cost of these fuels increases beyond that which people can afford to pay. To avoid dependency there is a need for intermediate technologies as defined by authors such as E.F. Schumacher.
  • The importance of organic agriculture and food free from toxins and manmade chemical compounds. 

In the world of conventional production, a farmer can spray his crops with pesticides, these chemicals can have devastating effects on the biodiversity requisite for healthy soil fertility. The reality of conventional vegetable production is the routine use of herbicides, such as glyphosate, pesticides and fungicides. In generations past all the food produce was “organic”, now chemicals are routinely used in food production. A massive industry makes vast profits from selling chemicals that are used in the corporate-controlled food system, some of these chemicals are actually toxic to humans and the biodiversity that soil health depends upon.  Chemicals do not belong in our food system or in the soil. When organic farmers seek the organic label certification, the produce may be checked for over 800 chemicals that could possibly be on the produce! The mind boggles at this reality.

“How different the supermarket landscape would look, if instead of looking for “certified organic” all produce that had been sprayed had to have a label outlining the chemical treatments it received on its journey from seed to supermarket. How different then would our food system be? Imagine your carrot bag labelled with the following which were the top 10 applied chemicals on carrots grown in Ireland in 2015, the last year where there is data available. Lambda-cyhalothrin, Linuron , Metribuzin, Azoxystrobin , Difenoconazole, Pendimethalin, Prothioconazole, Boscalid, Pyraclostrobin, Tebuconazole” – Irish organic farmer, Green Earth Organics

  • See also the bio-char solution to soil management and desertification. Stop GMO food production – no one knows the long-term effects on humans and natures produce. God gave us all the natural foods we need to live healthily – do not mess with God’s design. Be aware of the ingredients in vaccines – why inject farm animals, such as chickens, with toxin-containing vaccines, the science of which is highly debatable to say the least. Also be aware of the toxins in fluoridated water.
  • The importance of cows in self-sufficient communities is in sharp contrast to the bogus UN/political agenda to reduce cow numbers, and, in effect, hinder local people worldwide from producing their own raw healthy milk by keeping cows in local communities. Re-discovering the power and dynamics of horses is also an option for resilient rural communities. Rediscovering the splendour of ancient forest villages and forest farming for fruits, herbs, and building materials etc., can also be explored.
  • With numerous ludicrous government-imposed farming regulations, many of which are based on the bogus science of manmade climate change, there is a need for traditional farming to be decoupled from a government-controlled system.
  • Natural house construction using natural materials and without the use of chemical-based products, paints, and furnitures (including wall-pumped insulations) that offgas into your home can be explored.
  • There are countless ways in which free people can easily work for the mutual benefit of themselves and society without governments getting in the way by imposing their fake sustainability policies. The only real authority is God, not the flawed corrupted manmade corporate and political power systems that push the UN ‘fake sustainability’ agenda to further their own aims.

Mark Keenan is a former scientist at the UK Government Dept. of Energy and Climate Change, and at the United Nations Environment Division.

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