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Thousands March Against Medical Tyranny and to Protect Children in New York State Capital 

(by Doug Mainwaring | LifeSite News) – Thousands of New Yorkers traveled to their state capital on Wednesday to protest and lobby their representatives against COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children and the implementation of vaccine passports.

In a surprise move on the eve of the event, Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul — who recently replaced disgraced Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo — put in place a new rule requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test in order to gain entry into the Capitol or the Legislative office buildings. Until yesterday all that was required was a mask.

“We want to stop a whole list of bad bills and current really bad policies, like pretending that people who had Covid and recovered have no immunity, firing people who refuse the still experimental shot, vaccine passports, and many others,” read a notice from Children’s Health Defense (CHD), a chief organizer of the March for Medical Freedom. “We want to stop bills that would mandate covid shots for children to attend school, require all adult vaccine records be given to the state and many other bad things.”

“Politicians should not be making medical decisions for us and our children,” continued the CHD notice. “We oppose any law that interferes with the right to make medical decision without coercion from the state, employers, schools, or anyone else.”

‘We are at war’

“We need to stand up. This vaccine passport nonsense is spreading: Chicago, Boston, DC” noted Teachers for Choice’s Michael Kane. “We need civil disobedience from east coast to west coast.”

The event brought together activists with diverse, often opposing interests, but who have come together to form a frontline coalition against medical tyranny.

“This is going to surprise a lot of people. I’m fully vaccinated,” said Tramell Thompson, a New York City transit worker and progressive activist who co-founded Progressive Action.

“But I’m against passports,” he declared as he held his proof of vaccination card over his head and tore it up, to the delight of the crowd. Read Full Article >

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