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A Slippery Slope: Louisiana to Require Official Government ID to Access Pornography

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While I’m certainly not one to advocate for internet porn, the slippery slope to be able to access the internet is beginning. The ultimate goal is to require everyone have a digital ID or submit biometric data to access the internet. If you have a low social credit score you may be forbidden access. Take note that it will happen under the guise of protecting children or some group identified as targets of hate speech, or sanitizing the net from “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

(by Breccan F. Thies | Breitbart) – Louisiana has passed a law requiring legitimate age verification for websites that contain 33.3 percent or more pornographic material.

HB 142, which was introduced by state Rep. Laurie Schlegel (R) and signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards (D), dictates websites that meet the threshold for pornographic material must require an online government identification age verification using the LA Wallet app.

“Pornography is destroying our children and they’re getting unlimited access to it on the Internet, and so if the pornography companies aren’t going to be responsible, I thought we need to go ahead and hold them accountable,” Schlegel, a professional counselor and certified sex addiction therapist who treats those with pornography and sex addiction, said.

According to Schlegel, depression, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and lack of motivation are all directly linked to pornography use. The Louisiana Republican seeks to protect children from such outcomes.

“It’s tied to some of the biggest societal ills of human trafficking and sexual assault,” she added. “And in my own practice, the youngest we’ve ever seen is an eight-year-old.”

According to Fox 8, pornography websites will be able to find other ways to ask for age verification, though they will not be allowed to retain the information. Read Full Article >

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