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CNN Medical Ethics ‘Expert’ Calls For Denying Health Insurance To Unvaccinated “Jerks”

(by Steve Watson | Summit News) – This is CNN. The network wheeled out professor of bioethics Arthur Caplan Wednesday who called for a raft of extreme actions to be taken against the unvaccinated, including denying them the right to buy affordable medical insurance, and increasing hospital bills.

Caplan declared that the time has come to “shame and blame” the unvaccinated and “penalize” them for not taking COVID shots.

“We’re fighting a war and need all hands on deck. I don’t want to reject those who still haven’t done the right thing. I’ll condemn them. I’ll shame them. I’ll blame them, but I don’t want to exclude them,” Caplan stated, adding “we can’t write them off. We can penalize them more.”

“We can say you will have to pay more on your hospital bill. You can’t get life insurance or disability insurance at affordable rates if you aren’t vaccinated,” the medical ethics ‘expert’ proclaimed.

“Those companies should not treat us as equals in terms of what the financial burdens are that the disease imposes,” he continued.

Caplan also stated that the strategy should be to “shift the moral ground” against those who cite “autonomy, and liberty” as a reason for choosing not to take vaccines.

“We’ve got to start praising people who do the right thing (by getting vaccinated). Not saying, well, there’s a tradeoff of values. Some people are going to help their neighbor[,] orient toward the community, try to protect one another. And then there are going to be jerks who aren’t going to do that.”

CNN anchor John Berman responded, “It’s the unvaccinated who aren’t wearing masks. It’s the unvaccinated who aren’t social distancing. It’s the unvaccinated going to crowded indoor events.”

“So there’s this bizarre irony where the ones who are behaving are the ones being told to behave 10 times more so,” the host further complained.


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