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De Blasio Offers New Yorkers $100 Per Person For A ‘Vaccination Team’ To Be Allowed Into Homes

(by Steve Watson | Summit News) – New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio announced Tuesday that he is offering New Yorkers $100 per family member if people allow a ‘vaccination team’ to enter their homes and jab everyone inside.

“A vaccination team comes to you – they can provide vaccination for the whole family,” De Blasio announced during a press conference.

He further declared that “The teams that come to your home have the ability to provide whatever help you need – and the $100 incentive is available for every family member.”


De Blasio sounds like a game show host, offering cash prizes out in exchange for submission to government officials being let into homes and jabbing children.

Rest assured that if this doesn’t work, De Blasio has made it clear what will be done to force people to take the shots.

In an appearance on CNN last week he noted “Human beings are pretty predictable. If you say, ‘Your paycheck depends on it, or your ability to enjoy life, and go do the things you want to do,’ people will make the practical decision … but we’re not pushing hard enough.”

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