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Global War on Farmers by Deep State Threatens EVERYTHING

The war on farmers and ranchers is not just happening in Holland or the United States–it is global, ranging from Brazil and South Africa to China–warns The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. The goal is to totally restructure the food supply so that all production is in the hands of Deep State-controlled mega-corporations and governments. In the Netherlands, under the guise of stopping “nitrogen,” the Dutch government is seeking to destroy huge swaths of that nation’s agricultural sector. In Brazil, the pretext was giving land to Indians. In South Africa, the war on farmers has been especially brutal, and is being carried out under the guise of wealth redistribution. In China, it’s happening under the guise of “efficiency.” In the United States, it’s happening to supposedly protect the environment, lands, “endangered” animals, the “climate,” and much more. Ultimately, the devastation will help the Deep State exert far more control over humanity by having total control over all food and lands. The war on energy is happening in tandem.

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