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Globalist collusion: Gates Foundation funding Clinton initiative to force developing world to depend on China

(by Ramon Tomey | Natural News) – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is reportedly funding a project from the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) that seeks to make developing countries reliant on China for healthcare and medical products.

A report by Natalie Winters of the National Pulse elaborated on this connection. According to her, the Gates Foundation authorized a $560,021 grant to CHAI in September to run the 18-month project. The aforementioned grant sought to “leverage manufacturing capabilities in China to increase supply security and enhance the supply of key health commodities in low- and middle-income countries.”

CHAI was originally a part of the Clinton Foundation established by former President Bill Clinton. It was later spun off into a separate organization in 2010. Chelsea Clinton, the former president’s daughter, joined the CHAI’s board a year later in 2011.

While the Gates Foundation did not disclose any details on how to achieve this objective, the grant will definitely boost the communist nation’s manufacturing capabilities and make developing countries reliant on Beijing for “key” healthcare items.

China has been accused of engaging in “healthcare diplomacy” to broaden its influence over developing nations during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, Chinese products often have poor efficacy and are laced with toxic chemicals.

In one such instance back in 2020, the late former Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli ordered a probe into imported COVID-19 test kits after samples from a goat and a pawpaw returned a positive result. Magufuli suspected that a “dirty game” may have happened at the laboratories where the COVID-19 tests were processed.

Dr. John Nkengasong, the director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, revealed in response to the investigation that the aforementioned tests were from China. Beijing coursed the donated test kits to Tanzania through the Jack Ma Foundation, named after the founder of Chinese tech giant Alibaba.

Gates Foundation forging close ties with Beijing

Based on the grant unearthed by the National Pulse, it appears that the foundation set up by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates seeks to aid the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in creating a global healthcare surveillance state.

It even came to a point where the technocrat shouldered the bill for efforts to trick scientists into working for the communist country through a grant. A July report also penned by Winters expounded on this.

A June 2022 grant from the foundation was sent to the Foreign Talent Research Center, under the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. The $100,000 grant sought to “organize [a] forum on pandemic preparedness and response, as a platform for leveraging resources to improve global health and support disadvantaged populations who are disproportionately impacted by pandemics.”

The aforementioned forum is affiliated with the Zhonggancun Forum, a technology conference based in the Chinese capital sponsored by the CCP. High-level officials, including Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping, often serve as speakers at the forum.

Prior to the grant, the CCP had been previously criticized for utilizing its science and technology programs to lure Western scientists away from their home countries. This endeavor, known as the Thousand Talents Plan, tricked scientists into conducting research for Beijing’s advancement in the fields of science and military.

Several American researchers who participated in the endeavor were indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice for failing to disclose financial ties to the CCP, even though they were receiving U.S. taxpayer funds.

Charles Lieber, former head of Harvard University‘s chemistry department, was one such professor. He was accused of lying to U.S. authorities about his ties with the Wuhan Institute of Technology while still working at Harvard. A grand jury indicted Lieber in June 2020, and he was found guilty of six felonies in December 2021.

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