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Is the Public Being Conditioned for the Next COVID Scam with a “Lab Escaped” Killer Mutant Virus?

(by Brian Shilhavy | Vaccine Impact) – Viruses May Be “Watching” You – Lying in Wait Before Multiplying and Killing, read a recent headline at SciTechDaily.

The article goes on with its apocalyptic warnings:

Viruses may be ‘watching’ you – some microbes lie in wait until their hosts unintentionally give them the signal to start multiplying and kill them.

Especially after more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people picture a virus as a nasty spiked ball – essentially a mindless killer that gets into a cell and hijacks its machinery to create a gazillion copies of itself before bursting out. For many viruses, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the “mindless killer” moniker is essentially true.

However, there’s more to virus biology than meets the eye.

A suitable illustration is HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. HIV is a retrovirus that does not immediately go on a killing spree when it enters a cell. Instead, it integrates itself into your chromosomes and chills, waiting for the proper opportunity to command the cell to make copies of it and burst out to infect other immune cells and eventually cause AIDS. (Full article.)

Wow! Who knew that viruses could be so intelligent, and actually participate in premeditated murder of its hosts?

Well here’s the problem: it’s all fake. Stuff like this might happen in science fiction movies or TV series, but in real life there is zero evidence of such intelligence in viruses.

The sole purpose of publishing such fiction in a pseudo-scientific publication is to create FEAR, which then can be leveraged to sell PRODUCTS, such as vaccines.

Sometimes, such as in this article, they might mingle some truth with the fiction to make it sound more realistic. In this article they (incorrectly) label “bacteriophages” as “viruses.”

As we have previously published, belief in “viruses” is a religion, not science. See this article we published back in May of this year:

The Virus Hunter Dr. Stefan Lanka: Belief in “Viruses” is a Religion

Dr. Stephan Lanka’s work exposing viruses as a hoax dates back to the days when HIV research was being done, when $BILLIONS of dollars were being spent on HIV research and mRNA vaccines by the likes of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and most of the other COVID-19 Operation Warp Speed team, years before the dreaded “coronavirus” of 2019 appeared on the scene.

Even current CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is an “expert on HIV/AIDS” according to her Wikipedia page.

There are huge disagreements on the definition of “virus” in both the medical field as well as the alternative health media. And yet as I have researched both sides of this issue, there does appear to be one point that is not in disagreement among most, and that is the fact that “viruses,” however you define them, are NOT living organisms.

Earlier this year, Rob Verkerk PhD, founder and executive & scientific director for Alliance for Natural Health International, published an article titled: Does the virus exist? A critical need for resolution.

I strongly disagree with Verkerk’s assertion that having different perspectives on the issue of whether or not viruses exist “is the first that could do real harm to the truth and health freedom movement – a movement that’s so far been more or less united in calling out manipulated science and defects in global policy on COVID-19.”

First, why does Verkerk believe he has some perceived authority to represent the “health freedom movement,” and secondly, isn’t the hallmark of good “science” allowing debate and divergent views??

For me, divergent views and rigorous debate are the STRENGTH of the “health freedom movement,” however that is defined, and NOT its weakness. Read Full Article >

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