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The Testimonies Project: Israeli Citizen Documents Vaccine Injury

(by Wendi Strauch Mahoney | UncoverDC) – The Testimonies Project is a vaccine injury reporting documentary project organized by an Israeli citizen, Avital Livny.  In June, she began collecting vaccine injury testimonials for the vaccine injury documentary website in response to Israel’s Ministry of Health (MOH) expansion of the vaccine rollout to individuals 18 and younger.

Livny is a mother of two young boys, ages four and nine, who is concerned about the expansion of vaccine administration to younger and younger people. Livny took the project live in September. Israel has now approved the vaccine for children ages five and older.

Livny has battled censorship from almost every direction. Facebook will not allow the posting of the website link in Israel, according to Livny. She has already changed her server provider because the first provider discontinued service, stating the information she publishes is “fake news.” The media bias in Israel is so bad that she refuses to speak with in-country reporters about her project, explaining, “There is just no point. They will twist everything I say.” However, Livny says she “has found ways around the censorship.” Dr. Malone recently tweeted her project. Reporters from outside Israel are doing more to help her spread the message, and she happily speaks with those who ask.

Despite the censorship, millions of people worldwide have viewed the website, and hundreds have freely offered to translate the testimonials into the language of their home country. The website alone has been visited by over 1 million people, with more views on social media platforms like Rumble, which is now approaching 500,000.

The 60-minute introductory movie below explains the project while highlighting some of the powerful testimonies from everyday people.


UncoverDC spoke with Livny to hear why she was moved to take on such a mammoth and risky project. Livny says that over time, the reports became too many and too serious to ignore. Her breaking point was when the shots were approved for children 18-years-old and younger, and she could no longer sit idly by. Livny says at first, she began to hear of vaccine injuries first-hand. She began to see mounting reports of vaccine injuries on social media as pressure to get the vaccine continued.

The Israeli people have mainly been “reluctant to get the vaccine but have been coerced to do so to avoid losing their livelihoods.” Additionally, many have been fearful of reporting their experiences. Livny feels many have probably been influenced in part by statements like the one below from the Prime Minister:

“When you don’t get vaccinated, you’re endangering yourself, you’re endangering those around you, and it’s life-threatening. It’s as if you’re walking around with a machine gun firing Delta variants at people.”

Livny also relayed that the Prime Minister has “said out loud that he wants the parents of the vaccinated children to fight with the parents of the unvaccinated children. It is a very, very hostile atmosphere.” Read Full Article >

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