National guard giving covid-19 vaccine
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Video Shows National Guard Troops Administering Vaccines in Dallas 7-Eleven

(Summit News) – A video out of Dallas shows National Guard soldiers patrolling the streets offering COVID-19 vaccinations to people in bars and 7-Elevens.

The clip was posted by the official Dallas County Health and Health & Human Services Twitter account to promote its vaccine drive.

“We’re going out tonight too administering the #COVID19 Syringe to bar goers in Deep Ellum” states the tweet. “By getting vaccinated you’ll be able to enjoy going out again knowing that you’re safe & protected.”

“So right now we are going to give a COVID vaccine to someone inside a 7-Eleven – this is what community service looks like and getting the community vaccinated,” states the person filming the video.

The National Guard soldier then adminsters a vaccine to a store employee while explaining he doesn’t need to get a second jab.

The staffer then says he appreciates the benefits of being a U.S. citizen and urges everyone else to get vaccinated, noting that he was initially skeptical until someone told him they would walk right up to him and administer the shot.

Some repondents to the tweet questioned the safety of administering vaccines in a non-medical setting. Read Full Article >

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