112 Loudoun County Children Given Adult Doses of COVID Vaccine. Pharmacy Is Sorry for the ‘Inconvenience’

(by Paul Bolyard | PJ Media) – Loudoun County, Va., is in the news again, but this time it’s not about raucous school board meetings or parents being branded terrorists. According to Washington News4, 112 young children were given the wrong dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine—one meant for adults—at a Ted Pharmacy in Aldie.

Dasha Hermosilla told News4 that her 7-year-old daughter was given a dose of the vaccine meant for those 12 and older.

The Loudon County Health Department’s “clinical guidance” document notes that the 0.3 ml dosage that the children were given “is authorized for individuals 12 years and older only” and the approved dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children 5-11 is 0.2 ml.

The dosage for young children comes with an orange cap. Hermosilla’s daughter received the one with the purple cap. “She said the pharmacist told them it was OK,” the news outlet reported.

“Nothing says that you can change a purple to an orange,” Hermosilla said. “I had this pit in my stomach that, like, what did they just do to my daughter?”

Hermosilla’s daughter was not alone. The Virginia Department of Health says that 112 children were given the wrong vaccine.

If you think the pharmacy and health officials are concerned about the kids, think again.

“The way they have dealt with individuals is really, like, ‘Oh, it’s no big deal,’” Hermosilla said. “There are dozens and dozens of families out there that don’t even know that this is an issue.” Another parent whose child was given the incorrect dose told News4 that the pharmacy sent her a Facebook message apologizing for the “inconvenience.”

I’m sorry… your child is injected with an unauthorized dose of a new vaccine and it’s merely an “inconvenience”? To whom? That’s the best they can come up with to ease this poor mother’s mind?

Virginia’s board of pharmacy said in a statement to News4:

Virginia’s Board of Pharmacy (BOP) takes seriously the mission of the Department of Health Professions which is to ensure safe and competent patient care by licensing health professionals, enforcing standards of practice, and providing information to health care practitioners and the public.

It is important to note under Virginia law 54.1-2400.2, Virginia’s health regulatory boards, including the Board of Pharmacy (BOP), are not at liberty to confirm nor deny whether an investigation into a possible violation of a law or regulation is or is not underway.

Should an investigation reveal there is probable cause to believe a law or regulation was broken an Informal Conference or a Formal Hearing before the board may be held for consideration of possible disciplinary action. The Board’s findings of fact and resulting actions are contained in a Board Order that becomes a matter of public record available online on the Board of Pharmacy’s website under License Lookup and Recent Case Decisions.

Not a word of sympathy in this bureaucratic pablum for the families dealing with this issue or anything to alleviate their concerns. Read Full Article >

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