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40-year-old Wisconsin Teacher Dead Following Experimental COVID Injection

GREEN BAY — A 40-year-old music teacher is dead four days after publishing a Facebook photo wearing a mask and hold an “I was vaccinated” sticker.

Wisconsin educators became “eligible” for experimental mRNA and viral vector shots on March 1, according to the state’s Department of Health Services. Ms. Sara Holub received one of the experimental shots at the Kress Events Center, University of Wisconsin Green Bay, on March 22.

It is unclear whether she received a Pfizer or Moderna mRNA shot, or the Johnson & Johnson viral vector shot. Ms. Holub received the shot via Prevea Health. The organization is holding mass inoculation events across the state. It received its allocation of experimental shots for educators on March 16. Prevea is affiliated with the nonprofit Hospital Sisters Health System.

The company spoke about people’s “diligence and excitement” to receive the experimental shots on March 22.

Ms. Holub was one of those people. She posted that day on Facebook, “it’s been a ridiculous year, but better days are coming.” She proudly and publicly conveyed her excitement to the world.

Ms. Holub died four days later, according to her obituary.

Aftermath and memory

The Facebook “vaccinated” post has since been removed from her timeline. As we’ve covered extensively, “vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.” Ms. Holub’s obituary says she died of natural causes. Of course there is no mainstream media coverage of her death. And even if there were, it would entail canned talking points, starting with “her death is not related to the shot.”

Ms. Holub was a music teacher at JR Gerrits Middle School and Pulaski Middle School in Kimberly, Wisconsin. She fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a contestant on Jeopardy!.

She is survived by both her mother and father. Ms. Holub’s funeral is today at 10 a.m., Fox Valley Lutheran High School Auditorium in Appleton.

Another sad, silent story

It would be really nice if we never had to cover these stories again. But people continually take these Facebook “vaccine photos” and end up dead or injured days, hours and sometimes minutes later. Ms. Holub is yet another example of an educated person who fell victim to this very concentrated, very powerful, psychological conditioning campaign.

All of these shots are still in clinical trials. You are an unpaid volunteer for clinical research when you receive these shots. Nobody knows the long-term effects. But we definitely know the short-term effects. Stay vigilant, keep spreading truth, and protect your friends and loved ones.

Source: The COVID Blog

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