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Preview of Climate Lockdowns? French Region Bans Outdoor Events Due to Heat Wave

by James Murphy | Reprinted with permission from 

French officials have banned almost all outdoor gatherings in the Gironde Department in the southwest corner of the country, which includes the City of Bordeaux. Officials in the region have determined that a fierce heat wave that has caused record high temperatures makes it unsafe for people to be outdoors.

So, instead of allowing citizens to judge for themselves if it’s too hot to be outside, French officials have chosen to issue an outright ban on outdoor events and, reportedly, some indoor events where air conditioning is not available. Private weddings are still allowed.

“Everyone now faces a health risk,” said local prefect Fabienne Buccio.

Outdoor events, including many “Resistance” celebrations, have been canceled due to the unusual (but not unprecedented) heat wave. Temperatures of up to 42.9℃ (109.2°F) have been recorded in the region. Weekend temperatures were expected to reach 40℃ (104℉) across Southern France.

Imagine a U.S. state canceling July 4 celebrations because it was too hot outside.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said that much of Southern France had been placed under a vigilance rouge (red alert) for extreme heat.

“Do not expose yourself to the weather and be extremely careful,” the Interior Ministry warned in a tweet. Read Full Article >

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