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Action Alert: NY Mandatory Statewide Adult Vaccination Database is Proposed

(by Children’s Health Defense) – New Yorkers, Albany wants your papers.

Health freedom advocates have been warning for years that this was coming and here we are. Having successfully stripped the rights of its students when it comes to vaccination choice, New York is coming for the adults. Senate Bill S75A, introduced by State Sen. Brad Hoylman, is described as “an act to amend the public health law, in relation to adult immunization reporting requirements.”

The predatory bill has been lying in wait for years but quietly passed in both Health Committees last session as COVID fears were peaking. It would require physicians and health care practitioners to record every dose of a vaccination given to an adult in a New York State database.

The current amended version of the bill literally removes “the consent of the vaccinee,” and instead makes a provision that “no report shall be made…if the person to whom the vaccine is administered, or a person authorized to consent to health care for the person, objects to the person who administered the vaccine, prior to the making of the report.” ​​

In other words, S75A would require healthcare providers to register every shot provided to people 19 and over in the state database UNLESS a patient explicitly refuses. However, the physician is under no obligation to identify that option. This is lack of consent by design.

A vaccine database is the first step in establishing mandates for adults and would further enable vaccine passports and systems of segregation based on vaccination status. With a system like this in place, noncompliant adults will be easily tracked and potentially targeted. The database is also a critical step in helping the global vaccine industry rein in its next target market, adults, now that infant and childhood markets are saturated.

Immigration advocates have also raised concerns that a vaccine database could be used to identify and locate illegal immigrants for enforcement action. This is likely why none of the non-white members of the Assembly Health Committee voted for the bill.

In response, supporters of S75A quickly proposed additional legislation, S6541(Rivera)/A7326(Gottfried), to placate opponents of the bill. But while its sponsors claim the new legislation addresses concerns that a database might be misused to target illegal immigrants, S6541/A7326 does not contain language that would prevent the Department of Health from providing information from the database to federal immigration authorities. Furthermore, a state law would not stop federal agencies from securing state data to enforce federal immigration laws. Essentially, this bill was designed to make opponents feel more comfortable voting for an unnecessary and oppressive piece of legislation that still violates the medical privacy of New Yorkers and will ultimately target the unvaccinated.

If passed, S75A/A279A will be a harbinger of adult mandates to come. Read Full Article >

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