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All the ‘experts’ were wrong on COVID. Now they’re forced to admit it

(by Kennedy Hall | LifeSite News) – Countries around the world are signaling they are “done with COVID.”

Like asylum patients who have finally been taken off their sedatives and allowed to think for themselves, even the most zealous lockdown maniacs — like Ontario’s Doug Ford — have come alive and are singing a new tune about “moving on,” and seem to have a little more pep in their step.

All of the sudden, natural immunity, human rights, the rights of children to breathe fresh air, and a whole host of other sane ideas are the new normal.

It is fascinating, even if a bit surprising. However, the change is welcome — even if the leaders are disingenuous in their change. But we mustn’t let our guards down and miss the subtle truth-bombs that they are now letting come to light. Read Full Article >

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