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Australia’s Corporate Surveillance State

(by Joel Agius | The Spectator Australia) – During the mid-20th century, George Orwell famously wrote a novel featuring the sinister embodiment of surveillance, the Big Brother State. In his 1984, the people of the State were watched closely. Privacy was a thing of the past and rendered virtually impossible due to extreme government overreach.

In 2022, we are beginning to see the ‘fictional’ premise taken up and implemented in various ways by our government and corporations.

Australians have already experienced undue surveillance in several forms throughout the era of Covid. QR code check-ins allowed the government to monitor where we were and where we had been. Vaccine passports weaponised (once private) medical records against citizens to discriminate and segregate.

Now, QR codes have been phased out, but some states are still using vaccine passports (no prizes for guessing who – Victoria). Vaccine passports are also still imposed in certain industries that refuse to rid themselves of discriminatory mandates (looking at you, NSW Department of Education).

There have been two revelations over the last couple of weeks that have brought to light further instances and issues of surveillance in Australia. Read Full Article >

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