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Bay Area Parents to Protest School Vaccine Mandates by Keeping Kids Home Monday

(by Laura Anthony | KGO-ABC7) – SAN FRANCISCO – Children will be at the center of a statewide protest on Monday, if organizers have their way.

The plan is to speak up, by not showing up, according to various social media posts by those organizing a campaign to keep their kids home from school on Monday — to protest Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID vaccine mandate.

“We know that if our children stay home from school that that will impact the funding that schools will get for that day,” said parent Babe Prieto, who supports the walkout. “And we want them to know that we’re serious about not being forced to vaccinate our children.”

California schoolchildren who attend in-person will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, once its fully approved. Enforcement could begin as early as January, but more likely in July.

Other parents argue students are already required to get immunized for ten other serious diseases in order to attend school in California.

“You typically sign an agreement when your child attends any public school here in the United States that your child will be vaccinated,” said Oakland parent Michael Avila. “And there’s typically a list of vaccinations/immunizations that your child is required to have.” Read Full Article >

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