by W. Gelles | State of the Nation

The Beetles, the popular rock band (not to be confused with The Beatles) gave a reunion concert at Adolescent High School in Mahwah, New Jersey last night.  The fab four kicked off the historic, packed event with one of their big hits, “Chinese Nukes In Mexico.”

Chinese missiles in Mexico
right along the border.
Chinese nukes in Mexico—
big American slaughter.
They can hit Washington in 4 minutes.
They can hit L.A. in 2.
We gotta stop this, yeah yeah yeah
me and you
Yeah yeah yeah me and you.

Lead singer/guitarist Paul McHartney said, “You can see the obvious parallels with Russia and Ukraine today.  I mean, it’s not rocket science.  If Ukraine ever joined NATO, the US would plant nuclear missiles in Ukraine just 4 minutes’ striking distance from Moscow.  That’s not acceptable.”  The crowd responded with respectful applause, with many chanting “Russian self-defense / Makes a lot of sense!” and “We support Putin.”

Said McHartney:  “The Russia/Ukraine war is a manufactured crisis.  The West badly wanted a war, they did everything they possibly could to provoke a war, and they got one.  It’s the Cuban missile crisis in reverse.  Now here’s a little song we wrote about another manufactured crisis—the Covid plandemic, I mean scamdemic.”

The crowd cheered as The Beetles launched into “All You Need Is Ivermectin,” their global smash-hit about the availability of the inexpensive, highly effective drug Ivermectin which is widely used to treat COVID-19 in many countries around the world.  Ivermectin works both curatively and preventively.  Along with other inexpensive remedies like hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, zinc, and vitamins D and C, Ivermectin reduces the death toll to virtually zero and eliminates the need for dangerous, often deadly genetic cocktails falsely-labeled “vaccines” like the Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca kill-shots.

“Why is Ivermectin banned in your country?” asked Beetles drummer Ringo Harrison.  “It’s banned because it works, that’s why!  It completely eliminated COVID-19 illness in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, so the Indian health agencies, under the control of globalist billionaires like Bill Gates, banned it.  And in the USA, Land Of The Free, Dr. Anthony Mengele-Fauci banned it.  Instead he allows only Remdesivir and ventilators to be used to kill Covid patients in hospitals and clinics.  Remdesivir killed more than half the people in the Ebola trials, which had to be discontinued.  Remdesivir causes acute renal failure and death within days.  Fauci knows this.  He’s a mass murderer.”

The crowd went wild with applause.

The Beetles wrapped up the reunion concert with a rendition of the American Truckers Convoy anthem “The Long And Winding Road.”

The long and winding road
will take us to D.C.
right up to Biden’s door.
We’ll never disappear.
We have no fear.
We’ve been on this Freedom Road before.

The plandemic is a hoax.
Quit messing with decent folks.
No bastard’s gonna coax
the sheeple to get more jabs.
You dirty politicians
You lying presstitutes
You vaccinating murderers
We’re watching you
We’re keeping tabs.
You’ve left a pool of tears,
killed millions with your jabs.
We’re keeping tabs.

The American Truckers Convoy is expected to converge soon on Washington, DC where the CIA, the Vaccine Deep State, and Biden’s other handlers are undoubtedly discussing plans to attack them with illegal microwave weapons—like the Directed Energy Weapons deployed recently against Australia’s peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters in Canberra.  Aimed from far distances, the concentrated weaponized radiation badly burned Australian women, children, and men, inflicting severe burns and blisters on their faces, arms, and torsos and leaving many victims in agonizing pain.

(“Report: Microwave Energy Weapons Deployed Against Canberra Freedom Convoy”

Beetles member George Lennon-Starr spoke: “We know you have very little freedom left in your country.  But the Official Narrative is crumbling as more and more people realize the so-called ‘vaccines’ are harmful and often lethal, and the PCR test is totally fraudulent and meaningless—it can’t differentiate COVID-19 from the bloody seasonal flu.  The CDC admitted that much last July, but they waited six months to withdraw their bogus PCR test.  The new tests are just as flawed.  Your government has fear-panicked you with mountains of junk data and false-positives.  Covid is less dangerous than the frigging flu.”

“We gave this free concert in hopes of waking people up.  Get rid of ALL the gene-based vaccines now.  Otherwise your government will install vaccine passports to track everything you do with a digital ID, and you’ll need an annual or semi-annual ‘booster’ shot or else you will be excluded from society.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW.  If you don’t stop it, America, you are doomed.”

Lennon-Starr explained, “The so-called Covid ‘vaccines’ killed more people in their first four months than all other vaccines COMBINED in the past 30 years.  Those are the official statistics.  So tell the bloody politicians to shove their criminal mandates up their arses.  Ditto for their fake vaccines.  Don’t expect the politicians to save you, they are all bought-and-paid-for by Big Pharma.  Don’t expect Donald Trump to save you.  He’s a moron who still proudly boasts that his harmful, poorly-tested vaccines are one of the greatest achievements of all time.”

“Rise up, stand up, wake up.  Stop this scamdemic NOW, or you can kiss your freedoms goodbye forever.”

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