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Biden to Send Yet Another ‘Large’ Military Aid Package Into ‘Black Hole’ in Ukraine

(by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation) – The Biden regime is dumping billions of dollars worth of scarce American high-tech weaponry into a “black hole” in Ukraine.

From Reuters, “Biden admin preparing to announce another military aid package for Ukraine”:


The Biden administration is preparing to announce another substantial military aid package for Ukraine this week, five U.S officials tell NBC News. Three officials said the package is expected to be similar in size to the $800 million one the administration announced last week. Two officials said the package is expected to include more artillery and tens of thousands more artillery rounds, which will likely be critical to the fighting in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region.President Joe Biden has not signed the new package, officials said. But asked Tuesday if he will send more artillery to Ukraine, Biden said, “Yes.”

If this latest package is another $800 million, that means the Biden regime together with our sold-out Congress will have sent Ukraine around $15.2 billion in aid just since the war kicked off on Feb 24.

Americans are struggling with record inflation and yet the DC regime just keeps dumping our money into this black hole knowing full well it could spark World War III.

The Washington Post admitted earlier this month that NATO is intentionally seeking to prolong the conflict in Ukraine just to drag down Russia as part of a proxy war. This “aid” is essentially just bribe money to Zelensky to keep the war going and keep Ukrainians dying.

From CNN on Tuesday, “What happens to weapons sent to Ukraine? The US doesn’t really know”:

The US has few ways to track the substantial supply of anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other weaponry it has sent across the border into Ukraine, sources tell CNN, a blind spot that’s due in large part to the lack of US boots on the ground in the country — and the easy portability of many of the smaller systems now pouring across the border.

It’s a conscious risk the Biden administration is willing to take.

In the short term, the US sees the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to be vital to the Ukrainians’ ability to hold off Moscow’s invasion. A senior defense official said Tuesday that it is “certainly the largest recent supply to a partner country in a conflict.” But the risk, both current US officials and defense analysts say, is that in the long term, some of those weapons may wind up in the hands of other militaries and militias that the US did not intend to arm.

“We have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero,” said one source briefed on US intelligence. “It drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all after a short period of time.”

In making the decision to send billions of dollars of weapons and equipment into Ukraine, the Biden administration factored in the risk that some of the shipments may ultimately end up in unexpected places, a defense official said.

But right now, the official said, the administration views a failure to adequately arm Ukraine as a greater risk.

Because the US military is not on the ground, the US and NATO are heavily reliant on information provided by Ukraine’s government. Privately, officials recognize that Ukraine has an incentive to give only information that will bolster their case for more aid, more arms and more diplomatic assistance.

Tons of these weapons are going straight to the black market, others are falling into Russian hands and others are apparently being blown up upon arrival in Russian air strikes. Read Full Article >

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