Biden’s New COVID Plan: COVID Is Here to Stay, More Spending Needed

by Veronika Kyrylenko

Reprinted with Permission from The New

The Biden administration Wednesday announced a new COVID “preparedness plan” for its next phase of the pandemic response, which will require additional federal funding. Per the plan, the strategy is based on four pillars: Protecting against and treating Americans for COVID, preparing for the new COVID variants, preventing economic shutdowns, and leading the effort to “vaccinate the world.”

The 96-page strategy — dubbed the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan — opens with praise for Biden’s pandemic response that unleashed “the full force of the federal government, the innovation of the private sector, and the determination of the American people” to fight against the “worst public health crisis in more than a century.”

The opening paragraph is brow-raising, since it has become obvious that the United States federal government was involved in the creation of the virus. It also botched the initial pandemic response by quarantining healthy Americans and shutting down the economy and schools, all of which had detrimental effects on the health of Americans while having virtually no effect on the virus’ transmission. Moreover, the “private sector,” which is a reference to the Big Pharma companies, has contributed to the issue as well. Their innovative “vaccines” turned out to be a rather mediocre tool against preventing infection and transmission, according to the federal government itself, and some studies argue that the vaccines have a “negative” efficacy, meaning the vaccinated are at higher risk of getting reinfected with COVID. Numerous others point to the record-breaking number of adverse reactions connected to the shots.

The administration basically acknowledges the shots don’t grant protection from infection. “The Administration has put vaccines at the center of our COVID-19 response because vaccines are the best tool we have to prevent hospitalization and death,” reads the White House announcement of the plan. Read Full Article >

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