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Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Military Defeated, New Bill Restores Basic Rights for Soldiers

(21st Century News Wire) – This week, the US Congress has unveiled an $858 billion Defense bill which would terminate President Biden’s mandate that all members of the military submit to the experimental mRNA Covid injection. The move comes as a massive blow to Democrats and the Pharmaceutical lobby who were relying on Biden to lock-in profits for the coming financial year.

The decision is being hailed as the first major victory for the new Republican House. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, the minority leader who is campaigning for speaker, has made the issue a priority and has gathered substantial support for the move which is being seen as a fatal blow to the White House’s plans to extend the ‘pandemic emergency’ for a further two years until the 2024 Election.

The new bill authorises a pay raise for American troops, and according to McCarthy it’s “a victory for our military and for common sense.”

Republicans are also pushing the Biden administration to re-enlist all service members who were unlawfully discharged for refusing to take the experimental ‘vaccine’ gene therapy injection…

Breitbart News reports…

A defense bill released Tuesday would force the Biden administration to rescind its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops in a huge victory for Republicans, military advocates, and families who pushed hard for it to be included in the bill.

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