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Bill Gates: mRNA Vaccines Don’t Stop Transmission – We Need a New Way of Doing Vaccines

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The agenda revealed in the article below was out in the open for the last several years. It’s just that no one was paying attention. In my What the Future Portends: 10 Predictions for 2021 and Beyond article from January, I wrote:

The current crop of vaccines will fail. I believe vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca and others that may be approved this year will ultimately prove ineffective and dangerous. To date, none of them have been proven to stop transmission as clinical trial data revealed they only serve to reduce symptoms. As news that the  clinical trials were a sham spreads, and reports of adverse events emerges from alternative media, expect a new approach to getting everyone vaccinated.

Quantum dot (microneedle) tattoo vaccine patches will replace the current vaccines. Already in development, the vaccine patches can be self-administered and delivered to households via mail. Expect adoption of the microneedle patch to lead to mandatory vaccine passports/certificates, digital identification, and development of more invasive IoB technologies.

Gates has proven these statements correct even recently stating in the interview below that we should be “making vaccines just a little patch you put on your arm!”

(by Jordan Schachtel | – The world’s most influential “public health” advocate has come to seemingly doubt the technology behind mRNA injections, following their deployment into more than 7.34 billion arms worldwide.

A little-noticed interview from last week with a U.K. think tank saw Microsoft founder Bill Gates make some incredible statements about his most prized “solution” to the pandemic.

“We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission,” said Gates, contradicting previous interviews in which he claimed the shots significantly block transmission. “We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission,” he added.

[The vast majority of the interview involves Gates demanding totalitarian solutions to bad weather, which he refers to as climate change. The part about the COVID shots comes at minute 27.]

Gates is correct about the fact that the shots aren’t blocking transmission. With record COVID numbers coming out of Europe, it’s become obvious that the mRNA shots are doing little, if nothing at all, to stop transmission. Moreover, the impact these shots have in preventing a positive COVID test appear to expire after 6-9 months.

Gates wasn’t done. He added a pretty shocking statement to top it off:

“We need a new way of doing the vaccines.”

Just like that, Gates appears to be wiping his hands clean of his involvement in the worldwide mRNA experiment.

It’s a surprising tone from a man whose foundation has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars (thanks to pre-IPO access to BioNtech, the maker of the “Pfizer shot”)  from the shots, in addition to his fierce advocacy for them. Additionally, Gates has added billions of dollars in income to his personal arsenal during the pandemic. Read Full Article >

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