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Boris Johnson Says Brits Will Soon Need Three Jabs to Travel Abroad Quarantine-Free

(by Jack Elsom | The Sun) – HOLIDAYMAKERS will soon need all three jabs to jet abroad without having to quarantine, Boris Johnson warned tonight.

At a Downing St press conference the PM hovered the risk of travel curbs over the nine million eligible Brits who still have not been boosted.

He said: “It’s already the case that to travel to some countries you need a booster to be considered fully vaccinated.

“And it’s likely that within weeks this will increasingly become the norm.”

The PM is also toughening the domestic definition of “fully-vaccinated” to include boosters to help turbocharge the rollout and beat back Omicron.

It means footie fans and nightclubbers will soon need all three jabs on their Covid passport.

But he promised it will not come into force until everyone has had a realistic chance of getting their boosters.

There are droves of people who want a vaccine but are being forced to wait weeks after being infected over Christmas.

The PM also confirmed he was holding off imposing any fresh restrictions and is instead sticking with Plan B, which includes vaccine passports.

He is also betting big on the booster rollout, which the Sun’s Jab’s Army campaign is helping by getting shots in arms.

Ministers are also confident that Omicron is much milder than previous strains following studies showing it slashes the risk of serious illness by up to 70 per cent. Read Full Article >

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