Canadian Official Offers to Euthanize Disabled Veteran Asking for Home Wheelchair Lift

by Michael Tennant | The New American

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A disabled Canadian veteran who had been petitioning Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) for a wheelchair lift for her home was shocked when an official suggested she submit to euthanasia instead.

Retired corporal Christine Gauthier, 52, “was injured in an Army training accident in 1989, suffering permanent damage to her knees and her spine,” reported the Daily Mail. “She competed in the 2016 Paralympic Games and Prince Harry’s 2016 Invictus Games as a canoeist, power-lifter, and indoor rower.”

Clearly, this is a woman who, despite her disabilities, has not given up on life.

She began seeking assistance from VAC for the chairlift in 2017 and was met with repeated delays.

“It has isolated me greatly because I have to crawl down on my butt with the wheelchair in front of me to be able to access my house,” she told Global News. Read Full Article >

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