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Canadian Senators Debate Universal Basic Income Legislation

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Please take note that (World Economic Forum pawn) Chrystia Freeland, the woman who collaborated with PM Justin Trudeau to freeze bank accounts and steal people’s money is being tasked with heading the UBI project. Also, ask yourself why would this be necessary unless there are plans to crash the economy and force everyone to be dependent on government handouts!

(by Jack Bingham | LifeSite News) – The Canadian Senate is currently in the second reading session for a bill that seeks to develop “a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income.” 

Amid the chaos of Canadian politics in recent months, the Senate proposed and is now in the second reading of Bill S-233. The bill, if passed, would require the Minister of Finance to develop a national system to provide “guaranteed livable basic income” to everyone in Canada over the age of 17.  

“The Minister must develop a national framework for the implementation of a guaranteed livable basic income program throughout Canada for any person over the age of 17, including temporary workers, permanent residents and refugee claimants,” reads the text of the bill, which was first introduced in the Senate in December of last year.  

“In developing the framework, the Minister must consult with the Minister of Health, the ministers responsible for employment, social development and disability, representatives of the provincial governments responsible for health, disability, education and social development, Indigenous elders, Indigenous governing bodies and other relevant stakeholders, including policy developers and political decision-makers, as well as experts in other guaranteed livable basic income programs,” adds the bill. Read Full Article >

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