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Canadian university terminates 49 employees due to vax status despite relaxing COVID rules

(by Jack Bingham | LifeSite News) – WATERLOO, Ontario — As many universities start phasing out their COVID policies, the University of Waterloo has doubled down on its vaccine mandate by 49 firing staff members.

According to CTV News, the University of Waterloo in Ontario terminated 49 staff members last week for not complying with the institution’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy. The enforcement of the policy comes after the province of Ontario decided to drop all COVID-related mandates earlier this month, and after other schools in the province announced their policies will be phased out shortly.

“We have an obligation under the Health and Safety Act to protect our employees, and the employees have the obligation to comply,” said Nick Manning, vice president of university relations.

“All of those who weren’t able to be compliant after progressive measures faced the ultimate result of termination,” Manning added. Read Full Article >

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