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Canberra Freedom Convoy Echoes Canadian Trucker Movement Down Under in Australia

by James Murphy

Reprinted with permission from

Much like the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Australia’s federal capital in Canberra is currently under a well-mannered siege from anti-authoritarian protesters, as ordinary citizens are finally saying “enough” to draconian measures meant to combat the Chinese virus commonly known as COVID-19. The so-called Convoy to Canberra also began late in January, with many of the movement’s goals echoing those of their Canadian brethren.

Protestors from all over Australia have descended upon the national capital, which lies at the northern tip of the so-called Australian Alps to call for an end to what protesters say are unreasonable measures and mandates that the federal and state governments in Australia are using to enforce vaccinations and vaccine passports. Rebel News Australia posted footage of thousands of Australians shouting “sack them all” outside Parliament House in Canberra.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called upon everyone to protest peacefully, as some arrests have already been reported. At least four people were arrested when they failed to pack up and leave one night prior to a federal police-imposed deadline.

“It is a free country and they have their right to protest,” the prime minister said of the Convoy to Canberra. “But I would ask them to do it with respect particularly for their fellow Australians, particularly for their federal police who’ll be there seeking to make sure it’s a safe environment for everybody.”

Morrison also noted that most of the restrictions Australians are currently seeing are from the states and not the federal government. Read Full Article >

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