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CDC Now Says Americans Should Wear Masks Indoors

The CDC is now recommending Americans wear face masks indoors “anytime” they are around someone who they don’t live with.

The advice was contained in a February 10 update that appeared on the CDC website pertaining to face coverings.

The CDC is now urging people wear the masks “anytime you are indoors or outdoors with people you don’t live with.”

The advice follows another recommendation by the public health body that Americans should begin wearing two face masks instead of one.

The question of how many face masks Americans should wear scaled heights of absurdity when Dr. Scott Segal told NBC News that Americans should consider wearing FOUR face masks if they want the most effective protection against spreading COVID-19.

This is not the first time that Americans have been told to wear masks at home.

Dr. Deborah Birx previously said face coverings should be worn indoors by people who live in multi-generational homes.

Back in August, the Democratic Wisconsin state government also forced employees to wear masks at home, even if they were alone, for the purposes of taking part in Zoom calls (COVID-19 cannot be transmitted via Zoom calls).

As we highlighted earlier, the goalposts on masks continue to be moved, with Joe Biden’s 100 mask mandate now turning into a demand that Americans wear masks throughout the year.

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