Child Euthanasia Without Parental Consent? Canada Is Considering Just That

by Selwyn Duke  | Republished with permission from

In 2017, we learned of the sad case of Charlie Gard, an infant born with a rare and severe genetic disorder. Even though his parents had raised the money for an experimental treatment overseas, British authorities refused to release the boy to his mom and dad, saying he deserved to “die with dignity.”

It was only the very next year that we heard about how a U.K. medical journal considered, positively, the “ethics” of actual child euthanasia without parental consent. And now, because ideas influence and “progress” marches on, it’s reported that this very idea is being studied by a Canadian parliamentary committee, a step toward it becoming law.

Canada is already being called “a world leader in euthanasia,” with the nation — whose population is lower than California’s — killing more than 10,000 people via “assisted” suicide last year alone and 31,000 since 2016. Of course, though, only hapless souls in mortal pain and at death’s door could possibly get the Kevorkian treatment, right? Hardly. Read Full Article >

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