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China Reportedly Makes Anal Swab Testing Mandatory for International Arrivals

There have already been several reports suggesting the Chinese authorities were forcing US Diplomats to submit to anal swab tests for COVID-19. Although these reports have proved false, thousands of foreigners might face the procedure in the nearest future.

Beijing has allegedly implemented compulsory anal swab testing for almost all foreigners arriving in China, The Times writes.

The testing hubs are expected to be set up in Beijing and Shanghai airports. The Chinese government previously said that anal coronavirus swabs have a higher degree of accuracy than other methods of testing a person for the virus.

According to the newspaper, several countries have already voiced concerns about the unconventional way of testing for the COVID-19 disease. Japanese travellers were among the first to undergo the procedure.

The Times said that Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, described the experience as psychologically painful for travellers and he was set to ask the Chinese government to alter the testing method.

The first reports of China’s intention to employ anal swabs for testing emerged in late January. One Chinese expert, cited by the Newsweek, suggested that the virus survived for longer in faeces than in the respiratory tract. A month later, it was reported that China forced US diplomats to take an anal swab test. This, however, was denied both by the Chinese foreign ministry and the US State Department.

Source: Sputnik News

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