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COVID-19 Opens Door to Fast-Tracked mRNA Jabs for RSV

(by Michelle Edwards | UncoverDC) – Thanks to fear-mongering about COVID-19, Big Pharma has injected over 613 million doses into Americans with its mRNA jabs. Meanwhile—warning of an alarming rise in the flu, RSV, and other ailments—mainstream media, Big Pharma, and its cohorts at U.S. government agencies remain ferociously intent on frightening the general population into falling prey to additional big-business healthcare solutions as they peddle upcoming illnesses. Presently, the race to market a Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine is at a fever pitch among the pharmaceutical giants, with top analysts pointing out in late 2021 that “No doubt there is a certain appetite in vaccine companies to capitalize on the excitement and interest created by COVID to advance development of other respiratory virus vaccines.”

Indeed, as seen in the video below, on June 16, 2021, SVB Leerink Director of Therapeutics Research and Senior Biotechnology Analyst Geoffrey Porges elaborated on the remarkable “holy grail” vaccine opportunities COVID presents to investors. Read Full Article >

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