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Crimes Against Humanity Tour To Explode Global Pandemic Narrative

Wherever you are and whatever you do, I need your help in the War On Technocracy. Those of us who participated in the international Grand Jury of Public Opinion are just about to start a nine-city Crimes Against Humanity Tour of the United States to present our findings. We are fearlessly moving forward with this, and we need fearless people to promote attendance right away! Plan to attend yourself and bring friends! ⁃ Patrick Wood, Editor, Technocracy News

Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA

I was the first to declare war on Technocracy on December 18, 2015:

America is being methodically and purposely conquered by an unseen enemy. Our shields are down. Our people are asleep. Our weapons are almost non-existent. The war has been waged in stealth, so the enemy has not yet been identified… until now!

The outcome of this war is existential to civilization as we currently know it, especially in the west. In my Declaration I noted:

Be warned: Technocracy is the same nefarious ideology that enabled Adolph Hitler in the 1930s. Nazi Germany used advanced technology to enslave and kill millions of its own citizens. This hasn’t happened here yet, but this is the direction we are headed.

On February 1, 2020 just two days after the WHO declared a global pandemic, I wrote Coronavirus: An Analysis In Relation To Technocracy. It was unmistakable that the pandemic narrative was exposed as Technocracy’s global coup d’état. In other words, the silent war turned hot. I concluded, “No matter what happens from this point forward, the economic impact of the Wuhan coronavirus will be an order of magnitude greater than the health impact.” 

Today, we see the global economic system in shambles. Inflation is rampant. Energy is scarce. Food shortages are rising. Supply chains are crumbling. A majority of all humans on earth have been injected with experimental mRNA “vaccines”, creating a genocide of its own. Global human misery is at the highest in history.

War is hell, and hell is exactly where crimes against humanity are committed. If there were no war, there could be no crimes against humanity.

For the last two years, I have served as your war correspondent, exposing Technocracy’s cruel intentions battle by battle. Others have come forward to investigate. Today we know for certain that crimes against humanity have occurred and are still continuing even as I write these words.

The Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA is a nine-week series of declarations in nine cities across America.

These events must be spread by word of mouth. Call friends. Call group leaders in your area. Send out emails. Call in to radio talk shows. Post flyers in grocery stores, town halls, etc. Write letters to the editor. Whatever it takes – the time to blow this out of the water is NOW!

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