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Dan Kaminsky: 42-year-old Cybersecurity Expert Dead 11 Days After Second Pfizer “vaxxed” Tweet

(The COVID Blog) – A 42-year-old information security professional, known for his work on the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol, is dead after weeks of unnecessary needling (no pun intended) of those who didn’t agree with him.

Mr. Dan Kaminsky received his first experimental Pfizer mRNA shot on March 22. He made it very public on Twitter.

Mr. Kaminsky, a co-founder of Human Security (formerly White Ops), went on what can only be described as a virtue signaling rampage for the next several weeks.

It culminated in Mr. Kaminsky gloating further about his second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot on April 12.

He died Friday, April 23 at his home in San Francisco. Wikipedia, the family and mainstream media say the cause of death is “diabetic ketoacidosis.” His niece defiantly continued the attacks on anyone and everyone who does not agree with the experimental shot agenda after her uncle’s death.

Mr. Kaminsky is perhaps best known for demonstrating security vulnerabilities on Facebook and Paypal back in 2008. There is no word on funeral services as of publishing.

The Herman Cain Effect

Mainstream media joked about Herman Cain allegedly dying of COVID-19 after he opposed masks and other mandates. They did the same thing to several pastors and others who opposed masks and other COVID-19 mandates and narratives. It is role reversal in 2021.

We don’t rub salt in the wounds of grieving families. But you reap what you sow. If you want the experimental shots, get the experimental shots. Do not get on social media insulting others who do not want experimental chemicals and nanotech in their bodies. We’ve pleaded with the public to stop posting these “vaxxed” tweets and Facebook/Instagram updates, to no avail.

Sadly, we simply screenshot every “vaxxed” post we see on social media, and continually follow up thereafter. Please don’t be the next dead virtue signaler. Get your shots in silence and we’ll pray for you. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

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