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Data Proves Covid-19 Deaths Increased Dramatically AFTER the Vaccine Roll-out in Over 40 Countries

(by The Exposé) – A quantitative data analyst has compiled data from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center and published a video showing a dramatic spike in alleged Covid-19 deaths after the introduction of the experimental Covid-19 injections in over forty different countries.

Back in February we highlighted how care home deaths allegedly due to Covid-19 had increased by 240% between January 10th and January 29th 2021, despite 95% of all care home residents having been vaccinated by January 27th.

The first Covid-19 vaccine was administered in the UK on December 8th 2020, and as you can see from the above graph, alleged Covid-19 deaths had begun to decline prior to this date. However, once the Covid-19 injection roll-out began to pick up pace the number of Covid-19 deaths began to rapidly rise again.

But Joel Smalley, a quantitative data analyst has published a video which proves this phenomenon didn’t just occur in the United Kingdom, but has instead occurred in over 40 countries.

The video shows weekly Covid-19 deaths per country, before and after Covid-19 vaccination campaigns began, and each country seems to have suffered a huge spike in Covid-19 deaths following the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine.

See for yourself in the video below –

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