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Disgraced Disinformation Board wanted to combine forces with Big Tech in censoring content

(by Arsenio Toledo | Natural News) – Leaked documents reveal that the ill-fated Disinformation Governance Board of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) pursued partnerships with social media platforms like Twitter to censor content with “disinformation.”

A whistleblower leaked several documents to Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Josh Hawley of Missouri. Both senators released these documents on Wednesday, June 8.

These documents prove that the disinformation board wanted to meet with executives from Big Tech social media platforms like Twitter to formalize a partnership with the company. The Disinformation Board would act as the intermediary between major social media platforms and the DHS.

“For example, we obtained draft briefing notes prepared for a scheduled April 28, 2022 meeting between [DHS Undersecretary for Strategy, Policy and Plans] Robert Silvers and Twitter Head of Policy Nick Pickles and Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth. The notes are marked ‘TBC,’ and it is unclear whether the scheduled meeting actually took place,” stated Grassley and Hawley’s letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The documents further prove that Homeland Security’s plans for the Disinformation Board were more extensive than previously acknowledged.

Mayorkas also claimed the board would function more as a “working group” to track down disinformation regarding human smuggling operations and disinformation campaigns surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He insisted the board would have no “operational authority or capability.”

But the DHS’ itinerary for its meeting with the Twitter executives shows that the department saw it as “an opportunity to discuss operationalizing public-private partnerships between DHS and Twitter” to implement the department’s “public policy goals,” including the removal of content. (Related: Biden’s ‘disinformation board’ is an unconstitutional thought-police bureau.)

“DHS should not in any way seek to enlist the private sector to curb or silence opposing viewpoints,” wrote Grassley and Hawley.

Leaked documents prove Disinformation Board doomed from the start

Since the creation of the board, it has been plagued with problems stemming from its Orwellian-sounding name, its goals and due to the extensive history of its executive director, Nina Jankowicz, of peddling disinformation and participating in disinformation campaigns.

For example, Jankowicz pushed the unfounded claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were hacked or were forged as part of a Russian disinformation campaign. She has also supported social media platforms, law enforcement officials and lawmakers in cracking down on content she believes to be “lawful” but “awful.”

Grassley and Hawley also suggested that Jankowicz may have been selected to lead the Disinformation Board because she had previously worked with Big Tech executives, including Twitter’s Roth, who came under fire for blocking access to stories regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Other documents describe the issues that led to the creation of the Disinformation Board. Among these was the spread of so-called disinformation regarding the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and the efficacy of vaccines, as well as topics that Homeland Security described as “conspiracy theories about the validity and security of elections.”

Mayorkas also said that he wanted to use the Disinformation Board “to track down disinformation regarding human smuggling operations and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

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