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Do the government’s innovative brain technologies pose biosurveillance risks?

(by Robert L. Kinney III | LifeSite News) – Previous articles discussed the U.S. federal government’s BRAIN Initiative program and documents on the government’s plan to measure “real-time cognition, emotion, perception, and behavior at the scale of complex neural networks in living organisms—all at the speed of thought.” (Page 14) 

The articles then compared such apparent legal language to the federal government’s definition of “biosurveillance” which is 

the process of gathering near real-time biological data that relates to human and zoonotic disease activity and threats to human or animal health, in order to achieve early warning and identification of such health threats, early detection and prompt ongoing tracking of health events, and overall situational awareness of disease activity. (127 STAT. 178-179, emphasis added)

Simply put, the wording in U.S. federal laws, regulations, and/or strategic plans may attempt to provide “implied or apparent authority” for federal government public health and law enforcement officials, including the FBI which the Obama-Biden administration ordered to link “public health and law enforcement,” for “biosurveillance” of Americans’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  Read Full Article >

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