Eerie Drone Footage Shows Deserted Shanghai Downtown As Lockdown Extended

(by Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge) – CCP bureaucrats in charge of China’s largest city, Shanghai, extended COVID-19 lockdowns for all 26 million residents, according to Reuters. The city began a multi-stage lockdown on March 28, initially covering Shanghai’s eastern districts, and has since expanded citywide. New drone footage shows the extent of the lockdowns, transforming it into a post-apocalyptic ghost town.

Shanghai has failed to suppress the omicron-driven outbreak. CCP officials favored the zero-COVID policy by locking down the entire city, upending daily life, and shuttering business operations in the financial hub. The military and thousands of healthcare workers have been called in for mass testing.

Drone footage captures the latest round of quarantining, one of the largest efforts since the outbreak in Wuhan more than two years ago. Video shows what are usually bustling city streets completely empty.

Another video provides an eerie sight of the downtown district. There are no people nor cars in the streets — the local economy has come to a screeching halt.

The final drone video shows empty streets and highways and an outdoor COVID testing center.

The interconnectedness of Shanghai and the global economy is a deep one that may suggest more supply chain turmoil is ahead and could exacerbate the risk of stagflation for Western economies.

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