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Elitist Governments Are Building AI Weapons Because They Know Their Days Are Numbered

(by Jared A. Brock | Surviving Tomorrow) –  Revolution has always boiled down to basic arithmetic — when the majority have more to gain than to lose, they simply revolt.

Consider the deadliest conflict in human history. The catalyst for WWII was unbearable economic inequality: The German people couldn’t mathematically carry the weight of war reparation debt, it hyper-inflated their currency, and in anger and desperation they turned to a strongman for salvation.

What caused the downfall of the Roman Republic to despotic tyrants?Soaring inflation, crushing taxation on the poor, feudalism, and gross inequality on an unfathomable scale, where nearly everyone was an assetless renter if not an outright debt slave.

What caused the downfall of the vile French aristocracy? A populace so desperate for sustenance that there were riots over bread.

Presumably, because they haven’t read a history book, today’s corporate imperialists are frog-marching the working class in that exact same direction:

Assetless Gen Z and Gen Alpha face a world where they’ll have to slave three full-time gig jobs in miserable living conditions in order to pay outrageous rents and debts and profits to land-lorders and banksters and corporations.

You can see where this inevitably leads:
Rising resentment.
Growing tension.
Strongmen “saviors.”
World War III.

And the rich know it.

That’s why they’re investing in doomsday bunkers, private islands, hyper-yachts, and spaceships.

If the parasite class actually cared about the bottom 99%, they’d be using their wealth to push governments to focus on:

  1. Getting rid of outsized inequality with an aggressive annual wealth tax.
  2. Abolishing debt peonage by declaring debt jubilees, banning interest, and creating money debt-free.
  3. Solving global warming with a battery of planet-scale not-for-profit solutions.
  4. Solving widest-spread wellbeing through a range of self-funding not-for-profit non-governmental institutions to tackle the housing crisis and the energy crisis.

But the elites don’t want that.

Their dream is a techno-utopia world of a few hundred trillionaire families, each served by a retinue of obedient servants or ideally AI robots. Read Full Article >

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