Federal Court Blocks DC Law Allowing Minors to Consent to Vaccination

(by Jack Bingham | LifeSite News) – Minors aged 11 and up in the nation’s capital are temporarily no longer eligible to receive vaccines without parental knowledge or consent after a federal court for the District of Columbia granted a preliminary injunction against Washington, D.C.’s Minor Consent for Vaccination Act (MCA) on March 18 following a lawsuit by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN).

“Healthcare providers recommend against vaccinations if individuals reacted poorly to past immunizations.  A VIS [Vaccine Information Statement] describes the risks of certain vaccines and explains when they are contraindicated… By removing the parent from the vaccine decision, the MCA undercuts a key purpose of the VIS and a safety check before the vaccination,” Trump-appointed judge Trevor McFadden wrote in the ruling. Read Full Article >

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