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‘Fully Vaccinated’ Colin Powell Dies Of Covid

(by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation) – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was “fully vaccinated” against covid according to his family, died on Monday morning with covid.

Powell’s wife, who is also “fully vaccinated” against covid, had a breakthrough covid infection as well but “responded to treatment,” according to CBS News.

From CBS News:

Powell, the first Black secretary of state and the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was fully vaccinated, his family said in a post on his Facebook page.

“We want to thank the medical staff at Walter Reed National Medical Center for their caring treatment,” the Powell family wrote. “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American.”

Powell had battled various other ailments, including Parkinson’s. His wife, Alma, also had a breakthrough case of COVID-19, but responded to treatment.

According to the media’s latest ever-evolving narrative, such “breakthrough infections” are actually a good thing because they can lead to “super immunity.” Read Full Article >

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  1. There is of course no such thing as a natural virus mutating to become more lethal. The mass media was quick to drop the term “breakthrough” as that clearly indicated that the vaccines were worthless.

    However, the vaccines are working, they were doing what they have been designed to do, which is to selectively target high value targets, and Colin Powell was certainly a high value target.

    There are now several MD’s that have reported a living organism in the vaccine, specifically either whole “Hydra Vlugaris,” or cells belonging to that immortal life form, and many accounts of the vaccines having super conductive nano-particles in them. These critters cells are almost exclusively stem cells, and these cells which make up the whole creature can be disassembled and kept in a suspended animation by super cooling, which just happens to be a supposed critical part of these so-called vaccines. Once warmed the cells will begin seeking out other cells and then begin the reassembly process. In this process they seem to also be incorporating these super conductive nano-particles, which the begin to resemble living metallic threads, or worms, which is very likely to explain Morgellons, a disease which the high suspect Wikipedia claims is “scientifically unsubstantiated” and “self-diagnosed.” That is, of course, a complete fabrication typical of the white washing of this high unreliable source.

    The evidence is quite clear that the whole intent of the injection is put inside the body a micro-organism which has been bio-engineered. Hydra Vulgaris kills with sting dart neurotoxins. It is highly likely that those dart cells have been bio-engineered to incorporate extremely deadly neurotoxins, probably spider toxins such as the Frazier Island Funnel Web, which if you do homework you will find is one specific species that has ostensibly been studied due to it’s toxins relationship to the heart.

    People need to realize that all these NGO’s that fund all this supposed science don’t always have your interest in mind and this is one of those cases. This vaccine is a bio weapon, no doubt about it whatsoever, and it’s capable of being remotely triggered. Such an engineered bio-weapon would survive in the body for long periods of time before finally overwhelming it’s host, or before the host was either targeted or accidentally came into the vectors of high frequency transmitters. It’s clear that this is what is involved in these vaccines. It is highly likely that these vaccines will be 100% fatal over time, with time being 5 years or less depending on your own health.

    Why would Colin Powell die and his wife recover? Well for one thing, his wife was never commander of the Joint’s Chiefs of Staff, and he was. If you’re going to war, to physically invade, then of course you would want to kill all the experienced and trained military staff.

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