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G20 Summit Results in Global Commitment to Vaccine Passports, Digital Currency & much more

(by Kit Knightly | Off-Guardian) – This past week saw G20’s annual meeting taking place in Bali, with the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies signing a pledge that commits to:

  • “Reform” food production and distribution
  • Increase surveillance and censorship of “disinformation” on the internet
  • Increase global reliance on “renewable” energy sources
  • Introduce programmable digital currencies
  • Introduce international digital vaccine passports

Yes, while everyone was so nicely distracted by the “fall of Kherson” and that missile that allegedly hit Poland, leaders from around the world were gathering in matching shirts and publishing their plans for world government in glossy little ring binders.

We’ve already seen the COP27 focus on “alternative farming” (ie. lab-grown meat and eating insects), but the G20 leader’s declaration is much more ambitious. And we still have the UN Biodiversity Summit to look forward to.

Yes, the creepy global gathering season is really hitting its stride, and the participants are making no secret of their global plans moving forward.

You can read the whole thing here, we’ll just be pulling out a few key quotes.

For starters let’s take a look at the “theme” of this year’s summit, which has a very familiar ring to it:

Recover together, recover stronger”.

Call me crazy, but that sounds like just another way of saying build back better”, doesn’t it?

You might expect any declaration made under the “build back better” banner to be filled with Great Reset talking points…and you’d be absolutely correct. Read Full Article >

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