Gavin Newsom Creates New Government Program to Fight COVID ‘Propaganda’

(byJoseph D’Hippolitovia | The American Spectator) – As states and nations dispense with vaccine and mask mandates against COVID-19, California’s Democrats seem determined to make them permanent features of life.

Within one week, Democratic members of the Assembly, the state Legislature’s lower house, not only introduced bills that would grant state authorities more power over medical decisions. Gov. Gavin Newsom also announced a state program to fight what he called “propaganda” about COVID-19 and vaccines.

On Feb. 10, four Assembly representatives introduced AB 1993, which would linkemployment to vaccination status. Full-time employees and independent contractors would have to supply proof they received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine within 45 days. The state would grant medical and religious exemptions, but the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the Department of Public Health, and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health would determine those exemptions.

One of those representatives, Rep. Buffy Wicks, tried to rewrite her own transportation bill into one mandating vaccines just before the Legislature adjourned in September.

On Feb. 15, Rep. Evan Low introduced AB 2098, which would revoke the license of any doctor who spreads what the bill calls “misinformation” about COVID-19 or the vaccines designed to fight it. In August, Low tried to rewrite his own bill regulating telephone medical services, AB 1102, into one mandating vaccines.

Beyond money is the Democratic Party’s increasing embrace of despotism for the sake of an ostensibly progressive agenda.

Six Democrats are sponsoring both bills: Assembly members Wicks, Low, Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, and Akilah Weber; and state Sens. Richard Pan and Scott Wiener. AB 1993 includes four other Democrats as co-authors: Sens. Bill Dodd and Josh Newman, and Assemblymen Bill Quirk and Mark Stone.

Since Democrats control 75 percent of the Legislature, and since Newsom arbitrarily imposed emergency pandemic restrictions for nearly two years, both bills could become law.

Not to be outdone, the governor announced Feb. 17 he would establish “a brand new unit in state government working full time” to counter the “propaganda machine” that criticizes COVID-19 policies and vaccines. Newsom said he has members of the Department of Health and Human Services “battling in the trenches and on social media trying to push back.” Read Full Article >

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