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Global Elites to Luxuriate at Exclusive Resort in Egypt for UN Climate Change Conference

(by Steve Bonta  | Republished with permission from – As the world is distracted by rampant inflation, food and fuel shortages, and the war in Ukraine, global elites are preparing for their annual confab on the issue they consider most important: climate change. And nothing underscores the global elites’ commitment to sustainable development and the global poor like a climate conference located at a ritzy seaside resort, buttressed by a cordon sanitaire of police checkpoints to protect the conference’s thousands of well-heeled attendees.

Such will be this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP27, which will kick off on November 6 at Egypt’s swanky Sharm El Sheikh resort on the Sinai Peninsula. Unlike major Egyptian cities like Cairo and Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh isn’t encumbered by slums, high crime, beggars, and all the other concomitants of Third World despotism. Like many such resorts in otherwise impoverished, despotic countries in the “global South,” Sharm El Sheikh is swathed in the sort of swanky luxuries that any reasonable elitist would expect for a gathering to address the plight of the poor: glistening beaches, five-star hotels, shimmering tropical seas, first-class bars and restaurants — and swarms of military and police to guarantee a sanitized experience, safe from the unwashed masses of the local poor and radical street protesters alike.

Not all of the usual suspects on the Left are happy with this year’s Climate Change Conference venue. Norwegian activist Greta Thunberg will not be attending, decrying the hypocrisy of holding such an event in one of the world’s most mephitic police states, where political dissidents are routinely jailed, tortured, and worse. She has been echoed by the likes of Naomi Klein and many other celebrity leftist activists, who resent, among other things, their inability to carry out street protests to exert pressure from the far Left on conference delegates, including heads of state. True to form, Egypt has begun rounding up domestic protesters, and has already detained at least one foreign activist. Protesters will be allowed — but only in a carefully controlled area far from the actual climate proceedings. Read Full Article >

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