Vaccine Certificate/Passport with QR Code
by Sikh For Truth | TruthTalk UK

Covid passports are to be trailed at UK events within weeks including the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium and the World Snooker Championships as @BorisJohnson and his globalist masters push ahead with their plans despite a growing rebellion among MP’s, Publicans, Civil Rights Groups, and the public.

Let us back this up a little bit and put some meat on the bone here:

The globalist’s master plan is for a ‘One-World-Digital-Health-Identity’, a pre-planned global military-strike on our real-world freedoms, driving us further into a digital prison-planet.

What I mean by the Globalists, are the large private and public facing NGO’s, think tanks and policy makers.

During the first lockdown of April 2020, statements by @gatesfoundation, focused on how societal and financial normalcy would never return for those who refuse vaccination, and that digital vaccination certificates would ultimately be required to go about our everyday lives. Without this “digital immunity proof,” you may not be allowed to travel or visit certain public spaces.

In the background with @GatesFoundation, we have the @RockefellerFdn that is co-ordinating these efforts of social control through the implementation of high-tech tracking and tracing measures that are meant to be permanent.

On April 21, 2020 just under a month of the UK lockdown, @RockefellerFdnreleased a white paper titled, ‘National #COVID19 Testing Action Plan – Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities.’

On tracking and tracing they wrote: “Whenever possible, incentives should be used to ‘nudge’ the voluntary use of these apps rather than requiring them”.

They called for the use of “Innovative digital technologies which can improve workforce monitoring and early detection of outbreaks” and “When integrated into national and state surveillance systems, such innovations may enable the same level of outbreak detection with fewer tests. “Promising techniques include digital tracking of workforces or population-based resting heart-rate and smart thermometer trends; continually updated epidemiological data modelling; and #AI projections based on clinical and imaging data”.

‘It Goes Further’.

“Privacy concerns must be set aside for #COVID19, allowing the infection-status of most Americans to be accessed and validated in required settings and many voluntary ones. In the meantime, infection status must be known for people to participate in many societal functions.”

“Those screened must be given a ‘unique patient identification number’ that would link to information about a patient’s viral, antibody and eventually vaccine status under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions.”

“Schools could link this to attendance lists, large office buildings to employee ID cards, TSA to passenger lists and concert and sports venues to ticket purchasers. Such connections should be made in a way that protects personally identifying information whenever possible.”

“For example, accessing the viral and antibody status of an individual can be done by using a cryptographic hash (#blockchain) of an individual’s private information without actually sending any personally revealing details.”


The @RockefellerFdn Paper called it a ‘unique patient identification number’, while @gatesfoundation called it a digital certificate, but it’s the same thing, @BorisJohnson is now calling it a ‘covid status certification’ and the EU and Israel call it a ‘digital green pass’.

“This database must easily interoperate with doctor, hospital and insurance health records in an essential and urgent national program to finally rationalise the disparate and sometimes deliberately isolated electronic medical records systems across the country.”

This digital identity platform, is going to determine if we can travel, go to work, trade, or partake in society.

The tracking-system @RockefellerFdn announced, is the same one being implemented worldwide, it is based on China’s social credit platform. In China users are required to enrol in a health condition registry, they get a personal QR code, which they must use to gain access to grocery stores and other spaces.

@naomirwolf puts it nicely: “I cannot say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.”

“Vaccine passport” sounds like a fine thing, but if you don’t understand what these platforms can do. I’m the CEO of a tech company, I understand what this platform does. It is not about the vaccine or the virus, it is about your ‘data’. What people need to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all.

“And what that means is, it can be merged with you @PayPal account, with your digital currency, @Microsoft is already talking about merging it with payment plans, your networks can be sucked up, it geo-locates you everywhere you go, your credit history can be included, all of your medical history can be included. I am not overstating this; I can’t say it forcefully enough. This is literally the end of human liberty in the West.”

In other words, the plan is far more comprehensive than merely tracking vaccines. It is designed to replace the current health and economic data systems of “disparate and sometimes deliberately isolated electronic medical records systems across the world.”

‘A Health Data Heist.’

The white paper goes even further: “To create a #COVID19 Data Commons(Think @MyCommonPass) and digital platform, real-time data analyses of resource allocations, disease tracing results and patient medical records will enable policy makers and researchers to make best use of available resources to identify the most promising areas for surges in testing volumes to snuff out #COVID19 recurrent outbreaks and identify the most promising therapeutic treatments and algorithms.”

This is not a short-term fix folks. They are aiming to implement a worldwide Vaccine and health surveillance control structure. It is not so far-fetched to imagine a future in which your new digital id / vaccine certificate replaces personal id, such as your driver’s license, passports and not only to our medical records but to our payments data too.

‘Let us Dig Deeper’

The @RockefellerFdn is private foundation based in New York. It was established by the Rockefeller family on May 14 1913. In 2013 it called for a ‘one-world health system’ for pandemic threats to ensure 24/7/365 capacity for rapid detection of new bugs as well as development of and access to vaccines.

The @ID2020 digital identity alliance approach is supported by huge grants from @RockefellerFdn.

In 2019 the @ID2020 Digital Identity Alliance and its partners launched a new program to provide digital ID with vaccines for the Bangladesh Government.

@Gavi head @GaviSeth worked for the @RockefellerFdn as a program scientist and as associate director of the Health Sciences Division. He did eight years and managed programs in epidemiology, public health, medical & vaccination.

GAVI's Seth Berkley

@GaviSeth a former Rockefeller alumnus, now leader of @Gavi, he met with @BorisJohnson in 2020. @BorisJohnson said: “Together we will rise to fulfil the greatest shared endeavour of our lifetime the triumph of humanity over disease now and for the generations that follow.”

Written evidence submitted by @ID2020 to committees parliament in June 2020 – They wrote “We believe that there may be a workable alternative in the form of digital health certificates providing proof of immunity, would serve as proof of a recent negative test (which would need to be updated with some frequency) or of vaccination.”

The @MyCommonPass, project is being run by the @commons_prjct a Swiss-based non-profit public trust and the @wef. @commons_prjct a was established with support heavy from @RockefellerFdn.

Big Names In Travel Back CommonPass, New Digital Health Passport to Restart Travel

Also, Dakota Gruener, (former @gavi) now Executive Director of @ID2020 and @GoodHealthPass wrote a letter to the White House #coronavirus response coordinator on March 15, 2021, Jeff Zients urging the @JoeBiden administration to establish official guidance for the development and deployment of digital health passes for travel and other use cases.

Finally, @RockefellerFdn is also a partner for the @InstituteGC, Tony Blair’s think tank.

“Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever”

We will not need to flash our app’s because our face or voice liveness will unlock us: The UK is considering #biometric facial recognition to enter public buildings and events using a separate reader apps on tablets and phones and camera’s. The @GOVUK is funding @iProov to produce face verification technology, which will utilise digital face-scans to help check people’s vaccination status to allow or bar them from entering public stadiums, nightclubs, and other venues.

Indeed, millions of Brits may refuse biometric face-scans which would match our faces to our digital vaccine records. But many people will accept it without questioning it, automatically creating a two-tier society. For those who resist the new bio-security surveillance state, they will remain forever in a new digital lockdown.

‘Covid status certification’ is being setup to come into workplaces and for all non-essential activities. Most likely it would be implemented for entertainment facilities, indoor and outdoor sports events, international travel, hotels, workplaces, care homes, leisure facilities, hospitality, attractions, nightclubs, and gyms. There will be a big announcement, setting this in motion on Monday 5th April 2021.

So, what does the future look like? according to David Chadwick Managing Director & CEO of UK Verifiable Credentials. He advocates for vaccinated areas and non-vaccinated areas within establishments or even banning unvaccinated altogether. ‘That’s the way to go’ he said.

Vaccine Passports are a digital identity line in the sand, a digital divide & conquer, literally a passport to digital slavery, once used to gain entrance into premises, it could be extended to deny goods and services both physical or digital, maybe even to reward good behaviours and to punish bad behaviours. We must not end up like China.

A disaster for freedom?

Like coordinated lockdowns, now come coordinated digital-identity verifiable-credentials, which they say are our only way out of continued lockdown restrictions and the only way to open up. There is no doubt about it, this is a global digital coup by special interests, big tech, and big pharma on free humanity. Boris Johnson is simply pushing the globalist’s agenda and he must be stopped.

“The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.” – James Baldwin

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