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Here We Go Again! EU Chief Wants All Air Travel with Nations with ‘Nu’ Variant Suspended

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Now that the natives are getting a little too restless and the official COVID and vaccine narratives are being shattered, a mysterious “Nu” or “Omicron” variant emerges just in time for the winter. How can people keep falling for this scam to perpetuate the fake pandemic and keep masking, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccines on the table for ever?

(by The Sun UK) – Air travel between Europe and nations in Southern Africa should be suspended over new variant fears, the EU’s chief said today.

Ursula von der Leyen insisted aviation links must be temporarily axed until scientists have a “clearer understanding” of the strain.

She said: “It is now important that all of us in Europe act very swiftly, decisively and united.

“All air travel to these countries should be suspended until we have a clearer understanding about the danger posed by this new variant.

Belgium announced it has registered the first case of the new variant in Europe today.

It was detected in an unvaccinated young woman who returned to the country from Egypt via Turkey.

Mrs von der Leyen also vaccine producers are obliged to adapt their jabs to the latest strain.

Britain has already suspended all air travel from a number of Southern African nations and will impose hotel quarantine from Monday.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps said there will be no direct flights from the region in the meantime.

Meanwhile major US airlines said they’re watching the emerging travel restrictions closely.

It comes after ministers warned the Nu variant is “more transmissible” than Delta and will likely reach Britain.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid told MPs the new strain is of “huge international concern” because it could dodge our current crop of vaccines.

Mr Javid said: “We are concerned that this new variant may pose substantial risk to public health. The variant has an unusual large number of mutations.”

‘Buying time’

He warned the strain combined elements of the Alpha, Beta and Delta super-strains that surged through Britain during the pandemic.

The Health Secretary added early indications show the current vaccines “may be less effective against it”. Read Full Article >

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