Here We Go Again: Mask Mandates Coming Back To Philadelphia

(by Gregory Hoyt | Red Voice Media) – According to reports, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health announced plans to bring back mask mandates after there were reported rises in COVID-19 cases within the city.

Officials in Philadelphia announced that the mask mandate for indoor public spaces will be going into effect come April 18th, citing a recent 10-day span that saw COVID cases increase by approximately 50% within the city, reportedly averaging 142 new cases per day.

Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole claimed this could be evidence of “the start of a new COVID wave like Europe just saw.” However, while there has been an uptick in COVID cases within Philadelphia, the rate of hospitalizations has been reportedly low.

Still, Dr. Bettigole claims that with the increase in reported cases is enough to reintroduce mask mandates, saying that the one-week lead up to the April 18th start date is to ensure that education on the mandate is properly conveyed.

Even though Dr. Bettigole is bringing back the compulsory face masks, she stated that the “city remains open,” but trotted out the pro-mask narrative about it stopping the spread.

“Our city remains open. By wearing masks consistently we can continue to go about our daily lives and continue to take part in the life of our city without contributing to increasing transmission of COVID-19.” Read Full Article >

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