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How to Defeat California’s Draconian AB2098 Bill – A Modest Proposal

(by Igor Chudov | – There is a major furor happening over California’s AB2098, a bill intended to silence California’s doctors over Covid matters. I fully share the indignation. Fortunately, we are lucky because this law is very poorly written and should be easily defeated.

As I will explain, the construct of the entire law — due to the stupidity of its non-lawyer, pediatrician author Richard Pan — is literally standing on one word “consensus” mentioned in Section 2.

Mind you, “consensus” means “near-unanimous agreement”. It is fairly obvious that by October of 2022, such a unanimous agreement about most matters of COVID does NOT exist, not only among “scientists” or “doctors”, but also among the world’s health authorities or governments.

Therefore, all we need to demolish this law is to have Covid-skeptical luminaries of the world write an open letter showing that CONSENSUS REGARDING COVID-19 VACCINES AND TREATMENTS DOES NOT EXIST!

I would like to post my analysis of this law and an explanation of what specific action to take to defeat it, based on several specific mistakes in the bill that makes it very vulnerable to a challenge.

Take a look:

This law is just one page of fairly simple text, that is written very poorly and is open to several challenges. I will ONLY discuss one — but the most important — way to challenge it. This law is also open to other challenges such as First Amendment-related concerns that people endlessly wrote about. I will not discuss First Amendment-related matters in regard to this law, because I have nothing to add there. Read Full Article >

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