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  1. Kennedy alluded to members of his family not agreeing with him. That suggests the extent to which Americans buy into the lies of Fauci, government, the media, and Big Pharma. So the forces of Evil are well-organized. Does Biblical prophecy hold expectation of the same for the forces of Good and does such include God choosing leadership? Is Kennedy simply a messenger or does God have more in store for him??

  2. Everything that I have been saying and posting on FB ,he is just confirming what I already knew . The question now is how to have people understand the full ramifications of what hass and is transpiring

    1. Global Difference Group
      Austin Powers (discord)
      We talk to people globally, with daily decisions. How do we stop this control of humanity?….. Build your own. Make your infrastructure. IF NOT US, THEN WHOM? IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?

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