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Italy to Introduce Spot Checks for Vaccine Passports in Restaurants and More

(by Cindy Harper | Reclaim The Net) – The Italian government has announced harsher restrictions of civil liberties for those who do not have a vaccine passport.

Those without a passport will no longer be allowed in indoor restaurants, museums, and theaters. The police will go around checking if diners at restaurants have a “super” green health pass, which proves someone has been fully vaccinated or has recently recovered from the virus. Those who have recently tested negative will no longer be allowed into theaters and concerts. Only a vaccine pass will be considered for entry.

For local transportation and checking into hotels, Italians will need a “basic” green pass, which includes the proof that one has recently tested negative.

The Delta variant remains prevalent in the country, with only seven cases of the Omicron variant that have been connected to two businessmen who had traveled to southern Africa.

The new measures, which will run until January 15, allow those who have been fully vaccinated to go about their lives as normal and removes freedoms for those who have not been vaccinated.

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