By W. Gelles

It’s beginning to look a lot like Hitler
everywhere you go.
Pfizer’s killing the willfully blind, and Moderna’s not far behind,
jabbing brainwashed suckers you may know.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Hitler—
It’s a Vaccine Holocaust.
And if you should refuse the shots which will fill you with micro-clots
you’ll lose your job and pay a heavy cost!

Destroying your health while they add to their wealth
is the wish of Fauci and Gates.
These vaccines destroy. If you fall for their ploy
you’ll be in desperate straits
And Klaus Schwab adores the jab because it depopulates.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Hitler—
BOOSTER time is near.
Then you’ll need still another shot, then some more to make you rot
until you’re gone from here.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Hitler—
FEMA camps for those
who reject the killer jabs and the presstitutes’ lying blab
while Biden picks his nose.

Convulsions for you and heart attacks too
is the dream of Fauci and Gates.
These vaccines will kill. Just go ask Bill.
He’s silencing all debates.
And Klaus Schwab adores the jahb because it depopulates.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Hitler.
Soon mass deaths will start
and the thing that will make it worse as Big Brother prepares your hearse—
myocarditis in your heart.

(Lyrics by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Dr. Josef Mengele)

Original song:

A Call to Action

Folks, there won’t be much to celebrate at Christmas—
or any other holiday any time soon—
unless we get up off our collective rear ends and

The so-called Covid “vaccines” are deadly, they’re killing and maiming thousands times more people than the number of people allegedly dying from a virus that’s less deadly than the seasonal flu.


Refuse the genocidal “vaccines” and the bogus, fraudulent PCR test.

End all vaccine mandates and “health passports”. Say No to the useless, counterproductive lockdowns and disease-causing masks.

Expose the CDC/FDA’s criminal blocking of cheap, effective remedies.

Buttonhole your elected officials—mayors, governors, Senators, Representatives, local bureaucrats. March peacefully on their houses by the hundreds of thousands and let them know how you feel.

Deluge these politicians with millions of emails and free faxes ( voicing your outrage.

Please do whatever you can!

We The People are the only ones who can defeat this suicidal insanity.


We Will Not Comply: Red States Should Offer Sanctuary To Businesses, Military, & Medical Personnel.

by Brandon Smith via

“Recent polling suggests that at least 30% of the US military plans to refuse the vaccinations, including many members of special operations units.

“…So, where does this leave us?….For now I think the best path forward is for red states and maybe even red counties is to offer safe haven or “asylum” to people who are under attack from these mandates. Red states could…give financial protection to businesses that refuse to comply with federal mandates and refuse to pay the fines. If thousands or tens of thousands of companies simply ignore the passports and the fines, what is Biden going to do about it? Well, he would have to send people form a federal agency, maybe the IRS, to collect by force. If states and communities stand in their way then there is nothing Biden can do to hurt businesses that believe in freedom.”

“There is supposedly a shortage of experienced medical staff across the country right now, yet states like New York are firing up to one-third of their hospital workforce. Why not take advantage of their stupidity and offer these trained professionals jobs in red states or red counties? If these people know they have a safe place to go, then this might help give them the courage to continue their resistance.”

“Finally, I think it’s a no-brainer that red states should offer help for military personnel that are facing discharge for vax refusal. A fight is coming, make no mistake, and free states need as many trained combat veterans on our side as we can get. Being dishonorably discharged makes future employment difficult in many career fields, and we can help these men and women to live normal lives if they make a stand. States like Kansas are already taking steps to make this happen.”

“Conservative states and communities are going to have to step in, take risks and draw a line in the sand right here and now. We can stop this nightmare from gaining any further ground, but we have to act. I and many others are willing to help defend any business or any person that will not comply with the mandates, and state representative can send the same message to Biden by creating safe havens for free people. We need to continue to make it clear that we will not comply.”

For More Information on How to Stop the March to Tyranny

Stop UnAmerican Medical Mandates — Just Say No
Lists recent and planned protests in many US states. “Say no to forced masking. Say no to lockdowns. Say no to forced vaccines. Say no to medical mandates. Say YES to freedom.”

World Wide Demonstration
This activist group, based in Kassel, Germany, helps organize protests against coronavirus-related restrictions around the world. Also known as the “World Wide Rally For Freedom,” it lists branches in numerous US states.

“People, it’s time to shut down the Covid juggernaut…”

Millions Against Medical Mandates ( filed a petition along with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s group Children’s Health Defense urging the FDA to prevent the licensing of the deadly Covid vaccines:
“Call To Action—Please encourage your followers, members, friends etc. to go to the FDA website and post a comment regarding CHD/MAMMs petition to the FDA to revoke the EUA (Emergency Authorization Act) and prevent the licensing of the COVID vaccines.” (

America Needs A Newspaper Like This—Did you know there’s a print newspaper in the UK that actually tells truth about Covid and the vaccines?

It’s time for the truckers to shut down the USA to shut down the vax mandates!—Ohio State Police “Aware And Monitoring” Possible Truck Protest Against Vaccine Mandate

Here’s how American truckers can help shut down the Covid juggernaut

TikTok shuts down activist trucker’s account, stymies nationwide US truckers’ protest


“Merry Christmas, children! It’s me, Santa Claus, wishing all you boys and girls a very Merry Christmas. Did you get your booster shots yet? All you little children will need your booster shots every six months to keep you safe and warm. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit. The vaccines don’t work, as everyone can plainly see, so you’ll need your booster shot! And then another one! They say once a year, but my Helpers at the North Pole tell me it will be more like every 6 to 8 months. We’ve got to keep the vaccine companies rolling in the dough, it’s Santa’s special gift to them.”

“So, boys and girls, line up! The 2- to 4-year-olds first, then the 5- to 9-year-olds, then the 10- and up. This good Genetic Syrup is really fun to take, and it won’t kill you—not immediately! OK, so some of you will die right away, but most of you won’t. You’ll get heart inflammation, brain inflammation, blood clots, crippling diseases, and you’ll die slowly, just like the grown-ups. Many of you will become sterile or infertile. Sorry, forget I said that, you don’t understand that sex-talk yet.”

“Kids, these magical fun-shots will teach your body to make zillions of Spikey-Spike Proteins… zillions of them! And these incredible Spikey-Spike Proteins will cause blood clots and damage your organs and your immune systems, just like your parents. So don’t worry! And when these gazillions of toxic Spikey-Spike Proteins start to crumble, your body will get rid of them through your breath (and your pee and poop). So you might even accidentally spread some disease to your brothers and sisters or classmates. Won’t that be mischievous fun!”

“Santa promises you: This special Genetic Potion is also chock-a-block full of Nanny-particles, I mean nanoparticles—billions of them which can miraculously enter your brain, just like it does with your parents. Wow! Think what a fantastic pinball game will be going on in your brain. You kids are so lucky! Some of you may become paralyzed or blind or get uncontrollable convulsions just like the grown-ups do from the shots, but Santa is here to protect you.”

“Boys and girls, my helpers at the North Pole—Billy Gates, Doctor Fooochie, Klaus Snow-Job, Josef Mengele, Jen Pissacky, Joseph Goebbels, Miss Moderna, Mister Pfizer, Astra-Sinister, and Jay-Jay—they love all you children very very much, and they’re going to make a bundle off you. So line up, kids. (But don’t get too close to Joey Biden, he might sniff your hair and manhandle you.) ”

“You don’t even need your parents’ approval for these wonderful fun-shots. Most of your parents are brainwashed dumbshits, asleep at the wheel. Ha ha ho ho ho ho…Merry Christmas! And God Bless America! God Bless Depopulation!”

Yes, Santa is coming down the chimney soon with a big shiny new vaccine needle for you, and he’s bringing some of his Helpers to help you get the fun-jab—Jennifer Aniston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolly Parton, Hugh Jackman, Kathy Hochul (NY Gov.), Don Lemon (CNN), Mike Pence, Martha Stewart, Amber Heard, Bruce Springsteen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jane Fonda, Bernie Sanders, Greta Thunberg, Willie Nelson, and many more. These ignorant fools haven’t got the slightest clue about what’s really going on, and they don’t want to know! They don’t want to know! They don’t want to see the evidence! Because Santa’s one hundred million elves have worked over these brainwashed idiots, and the Mainstream Media injected a ridiculous belief-system into their minds. And these celebutards want to inject their totally-false belief-system into YOU—so that, just in case what the Very Bad People are saying about the Very Good Vaccines is true, you too will get thousands of micro-blood clots and die, just like them!

Tell all these dumbshits to stick their vaccine up their chimneys.

Covid Parody Songs

“Bill Gates Is A Wanker” by Charlie Cheswick


“I Don’t Need No Vaccination (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Parody Song)” by Pirate Pete

The 12 Days of COVID” — Parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” by Michael Copelin

Sheep (Coronavirus Song)” by Charlie Cheswick — Parody of “Creep” by Radiohead

W. Gelles has published articles and political verse at,, OpEdNews, and other websites. He is the author of Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book (Penguin Random House).

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